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Fume Free Space


at West Word Poetry


Everyone is welcome to come along to West Word Poetry to perform on the open mic or just to listen, though, you must abide by our disability access policy for a Fume Free Space that means no perfumes/ colognes, no poisonous deodorants.


Minimise deodorant, low-toxic roll-one, lemons or have a wash and smell like a  clean human-being rather than a chemical factory!


Please also recognise that makers of essential oils, and other kinds of products that label themselves ‘gentle’ or ‘non toxic’ are generally unscrupulous, particularly if you bought them in a supermarket, they’ll contain toxins, and cause some people upset, so please don’t use these to as a substitute perfume.


Consider that over 38% of the population is now reacting to the toxic products our government is slow to regulate, and being pushed out of public spaces due to these petroleum-based products that humans shouldn't be consuming at this high level.


While this space has a Fume Free Policy, it only applies to the Gallery Room in the Dancing Dog Café, for our particular gig. The rest of the spaces are not under our policy. So people who suffer chemical sensitivity will be wise to bring a carbon filtered mask. Plus, this is a policy on minimisation of fumes, and in its early days.


Please see some resources, that might help you understand this environmental & disability policy further.



is an inclusive space where everyone can safely breathe

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